As one of the largest online freelance community in design, Sribu has the unique and special benefits compared to other design firms or communities:

1. Sribu is a site that works based on crowd-sourcing method. This neatly structured community works collectively to generate tremendous results in quantity and quality compared to personal design agencies or individual designers. This way, clients are able to order various designs simultaneously from our widely available and top qualified designers in the Sribu community.

As per February 2019, Sribu has served more than 39,000 clients with over 132.000 designers with total amount of projects is more than IDR 30 Billion

2. Sribu site is designed for a user's utmost convenience where each design category is provided in details for navigation ease. Currently, Sribu provides up to 6 design categories with 19 subcategories that are classified based on its particular work scope.

3. Sribu offers design prices that are highly transparent, affordable and worthy of the quantity and quality that a client receives. All Sribu prices are calculated with thorough consideration including Sribu business package and other discount facilities for our clients.

4. Each contest typically yields up to 100 designs/contest. Sribu clients have the complete freedom to choose from the variety of designs submitted which are all original creations from our talented designers. Compare this to other conventional design firms or individual designers who generally able to provide up to 3-6 designs/project for a client.

5. The online community of Sribu has generated over 132,000 designers all around Indonesia. Sribu has successfully build an online platform that can be accessed regardless of location where all talents can compete positively in creating the best design results of Sribu clients.

6. Sribu provides the opportunity for each designer to create as many portfolios as possible to be displayed at Sribu site. All Sribu designers can now present their work to potential clients to further promote their skills.

7. Sribu works together with trusted e-merchants for payment systems that work universally, ie Paypal, credit card and bank transfers. This also means that Sribu can easily reach out to clients who are based internationally or out of Indonesia without any payment difficulty, communication, and other issues.

8. Sribu also facilitates copyright handover or transfer procedure which is considered to be one of the most complicated and sensitive processes in the design industry. Sribu assigns a special team to handle all copyright issues to ensure that all designs can be used in its full right by the clients.

9. Sribu upholds a set of professional ethics in design standard for the purpose of design printing or public use.

10. Sribu offers a Money Back Guarantee to clients while also protects designers with its Contest Winner Guarantee.

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