Sribu is the service provider for freelance and online graphic designs that work conveniently for both clients and designers. Sribu offers the most comprehensive design-related solutions for all your design and branding needs, fast and easy.

To ensure our clients with quality designs from our freelancers, Sribu encourages an open communication between a client and designer. Establishing an honest and two-way professional relationship is the key to building a foundation of trust and work-satisfaction. Here's how Sribu manages to create and foster this type of open communication for our clients:

  1. Design Brief
    jelaskan kebutuhan anda.png
    All clients can get the most desirable design results through the design contest that they establish. Make sure that you write down the brief or design details that you wish to have in the provided space. Use simple instructions, but be as detailed and concise as possible.

    The more communicative you are in your design brief, the higher the chance that you'll get the most ideal quality designs from our freelancers. Typically, clients will have got the first design submission within an hour of contest opening. If you need any other help, we're available for 24/7 assistance.

  2. Compare & Give Feedbacks
    bandingkan beri nilai.pngWithin 7 days of contest duration, a client is likely to have received over 100 designs submitted by our freelance designers. You may begin to rate the incoming designs and give feedbacks on the ones you like. All Sribu designers are verified thus all of their designs will have distinct values and personal characteristics that will suit your preference.

  3. Select Your Favorite Design.
    pilih desain.pngPick from the design submission as the winner of your contest. Our clients are also entitled to unlimited minor revisions from the winner. All to guarantee you receive only the best and most ideal design for your perusal. 

Start Receiving Designs Now!

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