Sribu is the service provider for freelance and online graphic designs that work conveniently for both clients and designers. 

As a Sribu designer, you are exposed to over hundreds of opportunity to compete in the design contests established by our clients. If a particular design of yours wins the contest, you'll earn a reward and the chance to have your design used for public purposes. 

Here are 4 easy steps in earning an extra income by winning contests in Sribu:

  1. Register as a Sribu designer and take the Examination/Test
    designer 1.png
    Register as a Sribu designer and undergo the Examination process by making a design as instructed at the Sribu Platform.

  2. Complete your user profile and start finding contests
    designer 2.pngOnce you have passed the exam process, you can complete your profile and start looking for your first contest.

    If you are interested in a particular contest, study the design brief carefully and begin your design process to create and submit your best result. While waiting for the client's feedback, you may browse for more available contests to join.

  3. Be responsive to client's feedback
    designer 3.png
    The client can provide feedback or comment on your design submission. As a designer, it is best that you can be as responsive as possible to your client's request and revise or edit accordingly. The faster and more active you are, the better the chance that you'll win the contest.

  4. Finish final revision and earn the reward

designer 4.png

            When the contest is over and you're selected as the winner, the client has the rights to final revisions prior to closing or ending the contest. Finish the final             revision to your client's satisfaction so once the contest ic losed, you'll earn the reward as per amount stated in the beginning of the contest.

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