There are 2 outcomes to every design that you have uploaded to a contest:

  1. Design is Rated.

    desain ternilai.png

    If your design fits the work brief provided and earns a positive response, the client will rate it by a certain number of stars ( total 5 stars/ design).

    For a design with 3-5 stars rating from client, you will automatically earn 1 additional slot ( chance) to revise the design. Use the slot to revise it as efficiently and accurately as possible by reading the brief or new comment from the client.

    The more your design fits a client's expectation, the more chance you will have in winning the contest.

  2. Design is Eliminated.

    In a Sribu contest, there are 2 types of design that will be eliminated:
    1. Design eliminated by the client
      Possible reason:
      • The design result is far from what the brief has stated.
      • The design does not meet the client's expectation compared to other submitted designs.

    2. Design eliminated by Sribu
      Possible reasons:

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