A designer can join up to hundreds of ongoing contests held by Sribu clients everyday. Follow the below steps to join a contest:

  1. If you have registered at Sribu and have passed Designer exam, You will be directed to contests page.

  2. Find the contest to join based on our skills by using the filter system provided, which are:
    • Design Category
    • Industry & Service
    • Contest Type
    • Contest Feature

  3. Click on the contest name to see the contest you wish to join.

  4. Study the design brief provided by the client.

    For example : You wish to join the " LOVEL Tour & Travel Logo & Stationery Design Contest", select the brief to read and deliver the design that the client is looking for.

    brief kontes.png

  5. Once you have fully understood the design brief, you may begin creating the design providing that the contest is yet to expire.

  6. When your design is finished, click the "upload design" button. You may also preview the design and add interesting design description for your client's information.

    upload desain.png

  7. If you are certain of your design, click the "Upload Design" button to submit your creation.

  8. Once uploaded, you can ask for client's comment regarding your design by sending a message in the comment section provided in the contest gallery.

    komentar desain.png

  9. Designers with at least 3-star rating from the client will be entitled to an additional slot (chance) for design revisions.

    Use the slot as efficiently and as accurately as possible to edit the design as per client's input.

  10. Once revised, re-upload your design for client's viewing. 

If you have any questions, you can contact us at: +6221 3110 6996 or email to ask@sribu.com.