Once you're registered as a freelancer or when logged in to your freelancer account, make sure that you have also read our Freelancer Policy before starting applying for jobs at Sribulancer using the steps below:

1. Click "Find Jobs" to start looking for available jobs at Sribulancer.

2. You can begin searching for jobs based on the categories that are available on the left side of the page. You can also start browsing around for the vacancies and the details.

3. If you are interested in a certain job posting, click on the title to read more information about it and click "Apply for this job" button to start sending proposal to the client.

4. Start bidding by entering your desired amount in the provided space. Then explain the reasons why you're the perfect candidate for the job ( minimum 1.000 characters) in the provided space. You can also upload a portfolio or any file that can convince the client to hire you with the "Upload File" button.

5. Click the "Submit Bid" button to start sending your proposal. You will also get an email notification to confirm that your proposal has been sent.

While you're waiting for the client's response, continue to browse for more jobs to increase your hiring chances.

You can also look back on your job proposal history to see your applications under the "Job Applied" menu under your profile.

If you have any questions, you can contact us at: +6221 3110 6996 or email to ask@sribulancer.com.