Fave Winner is the winner chosen by Sribu Admin. The criteria for becoming a fave winner is Design must be in accordance with the contest brief and not plagiarism.

Each ending contest will always be ensured there is 1 winner selected by CH and 2 favorite winners selected by Sribu Admin.

* Fave Winners are picked after the contest is over and the 1st Winner has sent their files to the client.
* Fave Winners don’t have to send their files.
* 1st Winner and Runner Up are not eligible to be picked as Fave Winners.

Each favorite winner will earn IDR 150,000.

For the selection phase fave winner is as follows:

1. Admin selects favorite winner

2. After that, the Designer will get a notification that the design has been selected to be the favorite winner

3. The next step, the Designer can make a prize withdrawal on the 'Requesting Withdrawal' button located on the Balance page