1. Make sure you have registered in Sribulancer

2. Make a short, solid and interesting job title. An example of a good title is "Write 15 articles about digital marketing in Indonesian". A bad headline would be if it is too short and does not explain the job.

3. Select the categories and sub categories that match your job description, if you are confused choosing or not finding the sub category you are looking for then you may choose other sub categories. Example: Categories of Writing, Subcategories Others Writing Work

4. Job description : Include job details in the description column such as ;

  • Scope of work
  • Specifications ( menu you want, the features that should be highlighted, the programming language in use, the number of articles to write, the number of words per article, articles stored in what format, written in what language)
  • It isi prohibited to include phone number, BBM, or email. Sribulancer recommends that you stay in touch on the platform to maintain security, if you communicate outside of the platform and there is something you don't want Sribulancer isn't responsible for it

5. Budget must be reasonable / should not be too low from scoope given, if you do not know how to enter budget, you can choose "Freelancer Quote"

6. After you click "Submit Job" review again your job, if you still feel is less or skipped, you can edit again.

If your job is rejected it means in the job posting contains :

  • A full-time job vacancy with monthly salary
  • Description is too short or does not explain your job, scope of work is not clear doesn't know when and at what stage of this work is completed.
  • Budget is too low or doesn't make sense.
  • Violate Terms, such as job related to gambling, racial intolerance, or pornography.
  • Enter your personal contacts, such as phone / BBM / email.
  • Incorrect job posting, a freelancer account that actually wants to make a job offer instead of making a job.
  • Offer freelancers to make sales with revenue sharing, or payment in accordance with how many items are sold.