To assure clients that Naming and Tagline Contest run risk-free and conveniently, we provide "Money Back Guarantee" Feature. 

Money Back Guarantee is a feature for client to refund their money with terms and conditions applied:

  • Naming & Tagline Contest submission less than 10 entries and no desirable result. 

Maximum of Money Back amount is 50% from the original client's payment (after posting fee).


Client's order:

  • Naming & Tagline Contest Total Payment = IDR 1.200.000

Refund amount:

(Total payment - Posting fee)*50% = Refund amount.

(IDR 1.200.000 - IDR 250.000)*50% = IDR 475.000

For refund processing, the client is required to fill a refund form provided by Sribu's customer service. Maximum time of refund process is 14 days, and will be transferred every Wednesday after the refund form is received by Sribu's customer service.

If you have any questions, please contact us at: +6221 3110 6996 or email us to: