Social Media Marketing is a marketing technique, to market products or services, that utilizes social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Twitter, Snapchat, and many more.

It is something that needs to be done with detailed strategy. However, many assume that Social Media Marketing can be done only by:

  • Making a social media account, completing the profile and 'decorating' your profile with photos
  • Posting stuff that is interesting enough to get as many likes or retweets, or whatever terms used in the particular social medias one uses

Unfortunately, these by themselves will never be sufficient.

Basically, Social Media Marketing is like marketing in general. There are things and strategies that need to be considered, for example:

  1. Who is going to handle the account because the person has to be very active and involved in that social media
  2. Which social media platform is going to be used, usually based on:
    1. Demographics of the target market
    2. Type of posts used (photos/pictures/videos, etc.)
  3. When and how many posts per day
  4. Content strategy for every post

Since this technique requires focus and costs time, money and resources, it is better to focus on just 1 that is the most appropriately efficient for your business (unless you have unlimited resources mentioned before), based on the volume of the social media, the amount of people using that social media (especially your target market) and the content or type of post is going to be used.

Used correctly, this marketing tool can be very powerful. As known that nowadays, everything is shared and connected through social media. One can even say that smartphones are made to accommodate the use of social media. Therefore, Social Media Marketing is and can be an effective, cheaper (compared to traditional marketing) and limitless marketing tool for your business.