These are social medias often used for marketing purposes:

  • Facebook

Facebook is one of, if not the biggest social media at the moment. Almost everyone you know, with variety of background, age, gender and interest, are on it. Thus, your target market will most likely be there too. However, because of that, the amount of posts posted every minute (or even second) are also high and as a result, the level of interaction/involvement with users is comparably low. Therefore, you might need to purchase adverts. In addition, make sure that you have a high quality content too. The frequency doesn't have to be high, yet the quality has to be.Facebook also allows its users to post different kinds of contents - from pictures to videos to links - so, make use of that.

  • Twitter

If the product or service to be offered can be marketed through short/brief text - especially if it has link - then Twitter might be the best platform to use. As Twitter is not as crowded as Facebook is, high post frequency is suggested.

  • LinkedIn

LinkedIn will be the most useful and efficient if the target market of a business is another business (B2B) as business owners, entrepreneurs, and professionals are gathered here. Similar to Facebook, the amount of posting doesn't need to be high/often, but the quality has to be because LinkedIn users are looking for contents or articles that are informative and educative.

  • Instagram

As known by many, Instagram is a very popular platform used to post photos and videos. If the product or service offered can be promoted through beautiful, interesting pictures or videos, then this is the appropriate platform. If not, the use of this platform is not recommended.Since the posts are in the form of photos and/or videos, those photos or videos can also be uploaded to Facebook and Twitter. Hence, it is possible to use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram at the same time.