Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a technique one needs to master (and apply) as a website owner to be as front and high ranking as possible on the search engine page.

(example of a search engine)

The higher a website's rank in Google, or any other search engine, the higher the chance for that website to be noticed and visited by users all around the world. Think about it, when someone types, for example, 'buying microwave' on Google - or other search engines - and your website, which happens to sell microwaves, pops up on the first page or even ranks first on that first page. If you were that customer, would you click on your website? Absolutely. That's why SEO optimization is important for your business.

However, as great as it sounds, not everyone needs SEO because not all websites need visitors from search engine. There are few websites that actually will not benefit as much when using SEO as its main strategy. SEO is only effective for websites that are highly sought through search engine. For example:

  1. Professional blog
  2. Business website
  3. Affiliate & CPA market
  4. Software web developer
  5. Website of professional who is trying to build reputation
  6. Online portfolios
  7. Online product or service provider
  8. Businesses that are heading towards online marketing
  9. Online shops/e-commerce (example below)

Examples of websites that do not need SEO:

  1. Humor/entertainment
  2. Personal blog
  3. Website filled with fiction stories

For these websites, maybe their main strategy should be SMM or paid ads instead of SEO.